Karlsruhe Astrophysical Database of Nucleosynthesis in Stars
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Reference standard and cross section adopted in the original work:

197Au cross section (mb):
The more frequently used standards and their renormalization factors relative to the 197Au standard cross section at kT=30 keV [RaK88] of 582 (9) mb used in the present work are given below.

Integration (2-500 keV)Integration (therm-infty)Normalization to
NotationSource YearkT=25 keV kT=30keVkT=25 keV kT=30keVMac82e,RaK88
Au: B-IV ENDF/B-IV1975672 (17) 610 (15)696 (18) 625 (16)0.931
Au: B-V ENDF/B-V 1979657 (16) 596 (15)676 (17) 610 (16)0.954
Au: Mac82e 1982618 (17) 562 (15)655 (16) 588 (15)0.990
Au: Mac82e, RaK88 1988 648 (10) 582 (9) 1.000

127I(n,gamma) cross section:
the recommended value of the present work with 1/v(E) extrapolation is adopted.

10B(n,alpha) and 10B(n,alpha+gamma) cross sections:
from Refs. SPU70, SPU71, TWD84 and updates as cited in the identified publications.

6Li(n,alpha) cross section:
from Refs. USP71, For74, Poe74 used at ORELA, and from Ref. INK79 (ENDF/B-V and JENDL-2) used at JAERI.

235U(n,f) cross section:
from Ref. Whi65 and updates as cited in the identified publications.