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KADoNiS-p database

The KADoNiS project is an online database for cross sections relevant to the s-process and p-process (γ-process). The present p-process library includes all available experimental data from (p,γ), (p,n), (α,γ), (α,n), and (α,p) reactions between 70Ge and 209Bi in or close to the respective Gamow window.

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The basis of the new p-process database is the Experimental Nuclear Reaction Data (EXFOR) database, which has the advantage that it contains (almost) all available experimental cross sections and is regularly updated. However, it contains also a lot of irrelevant data for the p process, because most measurements were performed far away from the Gamow window and have no astrophysical importance. Therefore we restrict our database to energies of maximum 1.5 times the upper end of the Gamow window at 3 GK for the respective reactions. This upper cut-off energy was arbitrarily chosen because most available data was measured above the astrophysically important Gamow windows, which lie (for T=3 GK) between E= 3 and 6 MeV for proton-induced and between 7 and 14 MeV for α-induced reactions. In the present database we thus have 46 (p,γ), >150 (p,n), 23 (α,γ), 72 (α,n), 7 (α,p), but no (p,α) reaction.

The p-process database project is performed in collaboration with Támas Szücs and Zsolt Fülöp from the Nuclear Astrophysics group of the Institute of Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (ATOMKI) in Debrecen/ Hungary.
This work has been published: Proc. at the 11th Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos (NIC XI) and Proc. of the Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics conference (NPA5), and Nuclear Data Sheets, 120 (2014) 191. (Please cite the last one if you referring to KADoNiS-p.)

Since we are still in an experimental phase with our database(s), we strongly encourage all users to report us any bugs or missing data via the "Contact us" page.

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