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This is AMOR, the gAMow window calculatOR. It should be working now...
Target   Projectile   Temperature
ElementA   ElementA   T6 (MK)

For an explanation please refer to the NACRE Introduction Homepage

"AMOR" is based on the numerical solutions given in Chapter 4 of "Cauldrons in the Cosmos" from C.E. Rolfs and W.S. Rodney. It has to be emphasized that these numerical solutions are ONLY APPROXIMATIONS which are satisfactory for a first localization and width of the Gamow window. The real shape of the Gamow window is asymmetric towards higher energies (see Fig. 4.6 in "Cauldrons in the Cosmos") and thus differs from the assumed Gaussian shape. For light nuclei good agreement is found but towards heavier nuclei rather large deviations are possible due to the contribution of higher partial waves. An exact calculation including experimental cross sections is preferrable and can be performed with help of "exp2rate.f", a small tool from Thomas Rauscher. More informations can be found here.
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